5 Ways to Shop Small (On a Budget!)

Shopping Small on a 2022 Budget

It is no secret that we are in an unprecedented time. 2 years (and counting) into a global pandemic, gas prices are through the roof, + consumer prices are at a 40 year high. 

Small businesses have taken a hit - in fact, over 30% of small businesses reported they were not operating in May 2021. A lot of small shop owners are recovering from the toll that the pandemic took on their businesses, while trying to navigate slow months and a potential impending economic recession. Small businesses are not allowed many of the tax cuts, predictable cash flow, borrowing capacity, marketing reach, + so many more resources that large corporations have accessible to them - and this drives the cost of running a small business up. Over 70% of small business owners are experiencing at least SOME increase to the price of their goods, yet only around 40% are increasing their prices. Why is this?

So - how can we, as consumers, help? Is it possible to shop small while also pinching pennies? YES! Let’s take a look at how you can still Shop Small on a Budget.